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Physical Access Control Products

This series of products is designed to limit or grant access to buildings or stand-alone rooms.

Fingerprint Biometric Door Locks and Fingerprint Biometric Deadbolt Products -These products allow home and office users to grant or deny access to specific areas within their facility based upon a stand-alone solution.  All of our biometric doorlocks have fingerprint, PIN or secure key overrides and are offered in both cylindrical locksets (standard lockset) or high-security mortise locksets. 

  • Guardian XL Biometric Lockset - Guardian XL Series:  Storing up to 30 users, the BioCert® Guardian XL fingerprint recognition biometric locks are designed to be used in both home and small business environments.  Starting at a price of $189.95, the Guardian XL represents one of the best values in the biometric lock market today.  This workhorse product has been used by banks, the US Navy, homeowners and many small businesses to secure their facilities.  The BioCert Guardian XL Door lock was recently featured in Continental Flyer magazine and is currently being used by the US Military at several US bases and numerous business customers to secure their IT closets and server rooms.

Physical Access Control  - These products allow business owners and government entities to control access to areas of their facilities using a fingerprint recognition biometric and/or smart card based IP security system.

  • BioCert Time & Attendance / BioCert TimeSafe Software - The BioCert Time & Attendance system consists of two parts, simply speaking; Front-end Attendance and Back-end Management. The Front-end is a standalone Biometric fingerprint reader (BioCert Time & Attendance) and the Back-end is the BioCert TimeSafe Software program.
  • iGuard® Network Appliance Biometric and Smart Card Access Control - As an IP (Internet Protocol) device that sits on your network, the iGuard appliance Fingerprint and/or Smart Card Security solution is designed to offer performance and simplicity with an incredible value proposition.  Biometrics Direct has been a master distributor of the iGuard product and a strategic partner for the Americas with Lucky Technologies since 2002.  Every week we get calls and emails from Chinese, Korean, Indian and American companies that claim they can offer a better solution and try to get us to market their product.    You just cannot beat the track record of the iGuard product.

    Our CEO James Childers states "I have yet to find a product in the market that has the value proposition of the iGuard.  After selling them for over 4 years, I can honestly say that this is the best and most reliable enterprise access control product we have ever offered."  The iGuard Product has been featured in Fox TV's 24 with Keifer Southerland, highlighted in the NATO Defence Journal for a major installation at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington DC, and even showcased on MTV's "Cribs - Shaq's House".  The iGuard is used throughout the world in securing high-end homes, condominiums, offices and even US Military installations for Secondary Echelon or Tertiary Access Control Security. 
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