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ASG BioCert® iQBio™ Contact Information

Corporate Culture -

Our goal is to service the needs of our customers, suppliers and marketing partners by offering unique, secure fingerprint biometric and smart card solutions with a special emphasis on the needs of consumers and the Small/Medium Business communities.

Contact Us

Phone Numbers

Toll Free:


  • 1-800-519-8800 All Websites and Inquiries
  • 1-866-53-SMART (1-866-537-6278)
  • 1-800-331-3921 -

USA & Canada

  • 1-866-95-IQBIO (1-866-954-7246)
  • 1-888-650-7373
  • 1-888-823-6595


  • Seattle - (206)-973-2137
  • United Kingdom (London) - (44) 0207-071-5628


  • United States - (206) 973-3635

Global Headquarters
Artemis Solutions Group, LLC
PO Box 403
1635  East Main Street, Suite A-8
Freeland, WA 98249

Contact Names & Departments

James Childers
Owner & CEO

1635 East Main Street
Suite A-8
Freeland, WA 98249
1-800-519-8800 x2101
Skype - james_childers

Tarisa Childers
Chief Financial Officer
1635 East Main Street
Suite A-8
Freeland, WA 98249
1-800-519-8800 x 2301

For Support Contact

In the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central / South America / Australasia

Artemis Solutions Group
iQBio Support Department
PO Box 403
Freeland, WA 98249

In the European Union and other parts of the world

EU/UK Headquarters
BioCert iQBio Metrics, LTD, UK
Duncan Preen - Director of Sales
The White House
Main Street
Helperby, York YO612PW
Phone - (44) 0207-071-5628
Fax - (44) 0142-336-0778

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