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TF2000 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
HIPAA Compliance Enabled = ž YES

Solving the Problem of Leaving Unattended Computers Open to Unauthorized Access is Now Easier!

Introducing The New TF2000! The first hands-free and software-free solution for locking unattended computers - automatically without any user intervention. No need for awkward time-out settings that mistakenly lock the PC when you are present, with the TF2000 your presence is sensed and the system will not lock until you leave. At a little over one and half inches square this new unit is much smaller in size and allows for easier and more convenient placement on the desktop.

How it Works

It attaches to the PC via the USB port and 'talks' to the PC as a USB keyboard therefore no special drivers or software are required. You simply assign the proper keystrokes to the device and each time you step away, it will send those keystrokes to the computer (for example in Windows 2000, it sends the CTL-ALT-DEL-Enter key sequence). On return it can even initiate the authentication process by sending keystrokes, for example in Windows 2000 in sends the CTL-ALT-DEL sequence readying the system for re-authentication. Works stand-alone or integrates with your existing security solutions. Compliments Single-Sign-On, biometrics, or other forms of authentication.

Are you in Healthcare or Government?

Many companies as well as government organizations now recognize the need for Post Authentication Security. In Healthcare for example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires the computer to be locked and private as soon as a healthcare professional leaves the workstation. By being able to sense when a person leaves the workstation, and locking it down without any user intervention, the TF2000 solves this problem.

The ComputerProx TF2000 automates the locking of the PC when you step away. The TF2000 uses ultrasound to detect your presence. When you leave the proximity of the PC, the TF2000 automatically locks the system without requiring any keystrokes from you!

No need for awkward timeout settings that mistakenly lock the PC when you are present. The TF2000 can detect your presence and will not lock the system inadvertently.

The TF2000 attaches to the PC via the USB port and is configured by the system as a keyboard. Commands are simply sent to the PC as keystrokes therefore no special drivers are required! The individual keystrokes and specified delays are all configurable.

In addition, to the ‘walk-away’ command, the TF2000 has a ‘walk-to’ sequence which allows keystrokes to be sent when you approach the PC.

For example, under Windows 2000 the TF2000 sends the CTRL-ALT-DEL sequence when the user approaches the PC. This readies the PC for password entry. When the user leaves the PC, the TF2000 sends the CTRL-ALT-DEL Enter key sequence thus locking the system. Order your TF2000 today and never leave an unattended computer again!

ComputerProx TF2000 Proximity Sensor - $ 99.95


When it comes to locking the unattended computer there are few choices. Most administrators are forced to either rely on the user to manually lock the computer or on inactivity timeouts. Both of these methods are generally undesirable and unreliable. Users often forget to lock the computer while leaving. Time-outs are often set too long thus creating a security risk or set to short and become a nuisance to the user.

Automated Locking with TF2000

The TF2000 sensor now locks the unattended computer automatically! The TF2000 incorporates a sophisticated ultrasonic sensor to detect the presence of the user. When the user leaves the defined distance, the TF2000 sends the keystrokes to lock the system. These would be the same keys the user should have hit prior to leaving the system.

Walk-to Commands as Well

On a user’s return, the TF2000 detects the presence of the user and can optionally send keystrokes to initiate the log on process.

Easy Installation...No Special Drivers!

Installation of the TF2000 is a snap! Since the TF2000 attaches to the computer as a USB keyboard, no custom drivers are required. The computer simply thinks the user is hitting the keys.

Configuration a Breeze

All configuration of the TF2000 is done through the supplied configuration utility. Programming of the keystroke sequences, timeouts and other option are easy to modify and stored in the onboard non-volatile memory.

Saves Energy Too

With TF2000, computers can be put into stand-by mode immediately upon the users departure. No more unattended computers wasting energy and dollars. TF2000 starts paying for itself immediately after installation!


Typical Read Range
Minimum: 14”
Maximum: 42”(Recommended) up to 60" allowed

Reader: 3.900”x2.20”x0.935” TI
1.78”x1.98”x0.84” TII
Cable: 72” USB 

Power Supply
5.0V via USB Port

USB Port

Operating Temperature

Operation Humidity
0-95% relative humidity

Transducer Frequency

Minimum PC Requirement

Windows 98se, ME, 2000 or XP. Open USB port, CD-ROM drive,  200K free disk space

FCC Certification, United States 

Part Numbers
Base Part Number

Available Colors

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