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BioCert® iQBioGuardian XL30
Sale Priced - $189.95

Home Use -


Family - From the student that is fresh off to college to the family member that occasionally visits and arrives late in the night, it is often necessary for family members to have a way to enter our homes without additional intervention on our part.

Currently the only ways to accommodate these scenarios is by giving the individual a key or leaving one in a location that can be readily accessed (under the proverbial door mat). But what happens when someone loses their key, worse yet, what happens when you need to change the locks because a key left in an easily guessed location was lost or stolen? With the BioCert®  iQBio GuardianXL™ fingerprint door lock you can program up to 138 individuals fingerprints into the lock for immediate access. This allows you to grant access to any individual you choose.

Walkers & Joggers - There is nothing quite like an early morning walk or jog to jump start your day. Carrying extra items like wallets, purses and keys is not convenient for this activity. While it is possible to simply leave your front door open or leave a key under the mat, this is not conducive to good home security. Why not use something you always take with you to open the door? Your fingerprint cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten with the BioCert®  iQBio GuardianXL™ fingerprint door lock.

Children - In today's society most families have parents that work. Often in single parent families or families where both parents are working outside the home it is necessary for children to have access to the home while the parents are away. Entrusting even the most responsible child with a key is problematic. Keys that are lost, stolen or simply left in a desk at school will not ensure that your child arrives safely inside the house after a day at school. With the BioCert®  iQBio GuardianXL™ fingerprint door lock you can have confidence in knowing that your child has access to the safety of your home even when you can't be there.

Shared Residence, Condos, Apartments & Time Shares - If you own a piece of property where you share ownership such as a condo, leased apartment or vacation home, the BioCert®  iQBio GuardianXL™ fingerprint door lock will allow you to grant access to all ownership parties while maintaining absolute control over who has access. You can be guaranteed that there will be no key swapping or sharing and that only the authorized individuals have access using the security of Fingerprint Biometric Technology.

Business Use -

IT Rooms and Server Closets - The United States Air Force, Army and Navy are all using the BioCert®  iQBio GuardianXL™ to secure their local IT Closets and remote server rooms.  The Guardian XL Fingerprint Door Lock makes a perfect stand-alone solution to limit access to only authorized individuals.

Executive Suites - Designed around the need of small and medium business, the Guardian XL Biometric Doorlock is capable of holding 2 administrators and up to 97 additional users.  Enrollment is easy and once a user is authorized, a simple touch of their finger will open the door.

Human Resource Offices & Financial Records Room - Securing the companies most valuable assets is on the top of every Executive's mind.  With all of the recent press regarding the breach and distribution of confidential information, doesn't it just make sense to secure your financial and human resource records from unauthorized access?  Secure your sensitive areas with a stand-alone solution that requires no wiring, no Ethernet connection and that is simple to install and use.  The BioCert Guardian XL Door Lock is designed with your security in mind.

Medical Records, Pharmacies, Regional Clinics and Doctors Offices - The Guardian XL door lock is HIPAA compliance enabled.  Since you can enroll two administrators that control access to authorized users, you can show that you are using due diligence when protecting your patients sensitive private data.   The Guardian XL is a "smart" component of a complete HIPAA remediation solution for your small office, pharmacy or clinic.

The innovative iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series fingerprint door lock is a technically sophisticated yet simple electronic lock specially designed for use in homes and small offices.  

ASG is marketing the iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series fingerprint door locks globally under the trade name iQBio™ to highlight the intelligent biometric qualities of this product.

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