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BioCert® iQBioGuardian XL30
Sale Priced - $189.95

New Fingerprint Sensor - Faster Matching Algorithm

The Guardian XL™ uses a high-performance algorithm to capture and identify each user and doesn’t actually store your fingerprint, but only a small subset of the representative features of your fingerprint called minutiae in a fingerprint template. This mathematical template cannot be removed from the lock to create a replica of your fingerprint by any method.

BioCert® Guardian Deadbolt Options -

  • No Deadbolt - Standard Option:  The Guardian XL™ comes standard with a simple cylindrical lockset.  This is most often the only solution needed for an interior application in the home or office. 
  • Automatic Deadbolt Option - $60.00 Additional - When you need to retract the deadbolt from the outside, simply order the "Automatic Deadbolt Option".  When an authorized individual uses the lock, both the cylindrical lockset and the deadbolt will retract allowing the authorized individual access.  To engage the deadbolt from inside, simply lift the handle on the door from the secure side.  The deadbolt comes in adjustable 2 3/8" and 2 3/4" sizes.

Fingerprint Capacity - 30 users

The Guardian XL™ has a capacity of 30 (XL30)  unique fingerprint templates and can identify a specific person (1:N) in less than 2 seconds which is more than 3 times faster than competing fingerprint locks currently on the market.

Innovation, Development and Partnership

Our CEO and President James Childers explains the innovation of the BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series:

"After selling thousands of our BioCert® Guardian™ Series door locks, we found that we needed to make several changes to the product to enhance features, quality and usability for the US and EU marketplaces. 

After much discussion, discovery, testing and many air miles later we found our new manufacturing center with superior quality, characteristics and a true partnership attitude.  Our requested modifications and additional features are embodied in the BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series door locks as demonstrated by the above matrix.

The BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series has absolutely the best fingerprint sensor and electronics we have tested to date.  We are extremely happy that our manufacturing partners through IBSL were able to make all of our suggested modifications to this product to improve recognition quality, reduce enrollment errors and improve functionality. 

While there may be similarly looking products on the market, none of them is identical to the BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series.  This is our exclusive product.  We have signed an agreement with our manufacturing partners to design and distribute additional products based upon their impeccable levels of quality and workmanship.

After four years and countless improvements, the BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series is without a doubt our best product to date." 

Optional Weather Cover:  The Guardian XL is designed for use in environments that will not see substantial moisture.  We offer a weather cover to keep the sensor from being affected by light moisture.  The simple cover that attaches to the lock under the front body is a $39.95 option and helps protect the keypad and sensor from the elements.


BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series Specifications
BioCert® iQBio Guardian XL30
Sale Priced - $189.95



  • Fingerprint Sensor : 500 DPI optical sensor
  • Verification Time : 1 sec
  • Registration Capacity:
    • XL30 - 30 fingerprints + 30 password numbers
  • Verifying time : < 1.0s
  • FRR : <0.1% Terminology
  • FAR : <0.0001%
  • Password length : 6-14 digits
  • Standby current : 15μA (Typical)
  • Power supply : 4 AA-size alkaline batteries or 4 AA-size rechargeable batteries (1.2V 1800mA.h)
  • Battery Life Span A : At least 1 year (assuming 10 uses of lock per day)
  • Emergency Key Over-Ride Function : 8 pin key cylinder
  • Dimensions : 192mm X 72mm
  • Operating temperature : -10c - 65c
  • Operating humidity : 10% - 80%

A: Due to the difference in battery capacity, the fingerprint lock is tested based on 500mAh battery capacity.

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